In order to work properly with all site components, extensions and features, your website needs to be hosted on a Joomla!® (CMS) friendly hosting server.
Even though Joomla websites can be hosted with many hosting companies, not all servers are set up for Joomla!® (CMS) sites to operate properly and securely. A hosting service is one of the most important decisions you have to make before publishing your website on the Internet.

In order to keep your Joomla!® site operating properly and securely our server has up-to-date versions of all administrative and security software.

We Provide Complete PREMIUM Hosting Service For Our Clients

Our premium services are offered at competitive rates. We make sure that hosted sites don't violate any laws or run services which could negatively impact the performance of the server and affect other hosted client sites.

Services Include

  • Exchange Server (email, calendaring, contact, scheduling & collaboration platform for use within a business or larger enterprise)
  • large-capacity storage
  • 3rd party location nightly backups of your entire site
  • SSL Certificate for your site
  • periodical maintenance to keep your Joomla!® platform and installed extensions up to date - billed by the hour as required
  • timely implementation of additional security measures as they become available or necessary - in the rare situation where your site is compromised due to malicious attack we will restore it as quickly as possible using the most recent nightly backup to avoid lengthy down time, at no extra charge
  • initial set up of email accounts - up to 10 email accounts on your domain - extra available if required
  • help with domain name registration

NOTE: We provide hosting & site maintenance services only to clients we have designed websites for. It is not available to the general public for sites created by other website designers on platforms other than Joomla!®.